Is There a Conspiracy to Limit our Iodine Intake?

Posted: June 21, 2012 in Politics, Societal Attitudes
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English: Tornado Fries
English: Tornado Fries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

      I know that we can get what we need nutritionally from our foods, but sometimes when we look at all the things the “Health” industry has been telling us about what to eat and what Not to eat, it Seems like there has been a Conscious effort to limit our use of the foods that provide iodine, which is essential for the proper function of the thyroid gland (whew- talk about a run on sentence).

      Some will say, how can you say that?  Dr’s and Drug companies are all about helping us feel better.  Yes. I would agree with that statement. They are all about helping us “Feel” better, but not necessarily about helping us to actually be healthy.  Nutritionists have been totally sidelined by the American Medical Association. You are Not encouraged to eat what is actually good for you.  If you did, the Dr’s would be largely out of business.

     Let’s look at a short list of things we are not supposed to eat due to some possible link to something unhealthy.  Fats from red meat (possible link to an increased risk of heart disease), eggs, butter, fat from milk (possibly leads to an increased risk of extra weight), salt (retains water and possibly increases blood pressure), potatoes (fried), cheese (high in sodium), fish (possible risk of mercury contamination), baked beans (supposedly too much sugar), and the list goes on.

So how does this stack up to a conspiracy to limit our iodine intake?  To answer that, let’s look at a list of foods that are natural sources of iodine and compare the two lists. Eggs, whole milk (with the fat IN) yogurt, butter, cheese (especially mozzarella)  potatoes, Navy Beans (that’s what  baked beans are made with),   fish, shellfish, Himalayan salt, iodized table salt, strawberries, cranberries, and all the edible seaweeds. In addition, it is well known that iodine deficiency is caused by an inadequate diet.

If that’s not enough to alarm you, let’s look at other things that interfere with the proper use of the iodine you Do get.  And I’ll Quote another author  

         “Two groups of substances found in food – isoflavones, most commonly found in soy foods, and thiocyanates, most commonly produced in the body from glucosinolates found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli – have been shown to interfere with iodine utilization by the thyroid gland, but only under very specific circumstances. These circumstances involve simultaneous dietary deficiency of iodine or selenium (or both) and imbalanced overall dietary intake. We’re not aware of any evidence showing problems with iodine metabolism by the thyroid gland when either soy foods or cruciferous vegetables are eaten in moderate amounts in an overall balanced diet that also contains appropriate amounts of iodine and selenium. “

Soy foods and broccoli have both had a huge surge in use as food sources in this country in the last couple of decades.   Our non-dairy coffee creamers are soy based and mock crab is soy based, and many fillers added to meats are soy based, as are many vegetarian meat substitutes.  In China, where soy foods have been a large part of the diet for centuries, they Also have a larger percentage of  sea food and sea weed foods and brown rice which help to balance the effects of their soy intake.

      Let’s look at some other vitamins and minerals that would be beneficial to your overall health through their support of the proper uptake of iodine and it’s proper interaction with the other glands.  Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, all the B vitamins, and Salt.  

Iodine deficiency induced hypothyoridism

Iodine deficiency induced hypothyoridism (Photo credit: Wen-Yan King)


Selenium is necessary for the uptake of iodine into the system as is the naturally occurring cortisol in your body.   Vitamin D, which is naturally supplied by the exposure of your skin to the suns rays is essential.  Magnesium is also necessary as a pre-cursor to the proper functioning of all your glands.  Brown rice is a natural source of selenium, and magnesium, but how often do we see that in our daily menus?  White rice has none of that in it.   Salt supports your adrenals, among other things, so that is necessary to your overall health too. 

Foods that help us are discouraged or difficult to find.  The many foods we’ve been told to avoid, because they might harm us, in fact could have been doing us a lot of good, instead.  Let’s look at how that would have worked out.

     If you had been eating all the discouraged foods all along, and had the encouragement and availability of foods that supply the necessary uptake nutrients, you might have had enough iodine in your system to keep your overall body temperature up to the normal level.  Why is this important?  Because when your overall body temperature (not just your head) is at 98.2 (the correct temperature for your body as taken under the armpit) the fats in your system are all liquified and will not build up in your arteries and you won’t have arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

     Additionally, with the proper levels of iodine in your system, the thyroids proper interaction with both the pancreas and the pituitary gland will keep both of those in better shape, thus reducing, if not eliminating altogether, the incidence of Hypo and Hyperglycemia (diabetes).  Also eliminating much of depression and anxiety symptoms.  When all these glands function normally, the stresses of life are easier to handle.

       Unfortunately, we have been led to believe as a society, through vast amounts of money spent on advertising,


Health (Photo credit: 401K 2012)

and through articles written by pharmaceutical companies (which stand to gain by our acceptance of their word on the effectiveness of their drugs) that we shouldn’t eat the very things that help us.

     And all this is exacerbated by the acceptance of those articles by scholarly medical journals. We’ve been taught very carefully, that we should look to the pharmaceutical companies to relieve all our suffering.  

       This path leads only to the enrichment of the investors in pharmaceutical stocks and the makers of hospital equipment (dialysis machines, robotic heart surgeries, synthetic thyroid medications, anti-depressants, anti-psychotics).    Having our glands work effectively would reduce the stresses on our bodies, and thus also reduce many of the vast numbers of cancers, and their attendant cancer treatments.   These would all be unnecessary if our bodies had their proper allotment of nutrients in the proper time and form.

     So I am not going to say that there Has been a conspiracy, per se, but the overall effect of our believing things written by those who stand to gain the most from it, has led us all down a very rosy path into a stinking quagmire of unhealthy intentions.  Our politicians, even now, are crafting legislation which adds to the burden of our unhealth.  

The FDA has also played a roll in our overall unhealth, though it is their stated intention to do otherwise.  Recently, a Pennsylvania dairy farmer got arrested for selling Raw Milk, (which is decidedly healthier for us), because people in D.C wanted to purchase his milk.  The Interstate Commerce Department got involved in that one too.

    Perhaps it’s time we let our congressmen and women know how we feel about their ignorance of our health concerns.  Perhaps it’s time that we demand our legislators not allow the various Departments to impose restrictions on the population without the properly informed consent of the population on which they are imposing these restrictions.   Rules that disallow the population to eat what they want when they want it should Not be the purview of the legislative branches. 

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