Colorado River Abstract


Before I get started I would like to express my most sincere regards and condolences to the survivors of the recent Colorado Theater Massacre, and to the families of the deceased.  How horrible for you all.   How horrible for us all, for we are your neighbors and friends, and compatriots.  Your loss may not affect us as deeply as it does you, but your loss affects us too.  We are moved at your sorrows.

In the midst of all this sorrow, we see again a renewed push to remove our right to bear arms; for this is what has been blamed for the atrocity that was just perpetuated.  It seems as if those who would dis-arm us all, remove from us the ability to protect ourselves, sit and wait for just such actions as this madman has conducted, to pounce and blame and point fingers at the weapon used, and not at the attitude of the man behind them.

If we let this illogic stand, then once this weapon has been removed from the scene the next time someone concocts some mass murder with some other device, perhaps instead of going after the device, the government would go after those who have the same type of education, or the same IQ, or the same type of job as the murderer.  You could, after all, argue Just as effectively and illogically that the person who commits this crime does so because they have been taught how, or because they have the requisite amount of intelligence to pull it off, or because they are unhappy in that particular line of work.

It is not the availability of weapons that cause people to kill.  It is their attitude,  their lack of empathy for their fellow human beings, or their disregard for the well-being of others that allows them to commit murder.  Their enormous egos and a distinct lack of compassion.  It is selfishness that is at the root.  Not guns.

How, dear government, are you going to legislate that out of people?

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