About Raising the Minimum Wage

Posted: May 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

There is a lot of shouting going on in my neighborhood, lately.  A lot of people are frustrated; and some are getting pretty desperate, as well.  I moved, recently, to reduce my overhead.  I used my income tax return to accomplish this.   I could have used it to pay off some older debts, but that would only have succeeded in paying off the old debts, while leaving  me in a position to accumulate new debts (as it happens, I have those too).  I did manage to pay off some current debts, which I did in order to further reduce my current living expenses.   Perhaps, with this reduction, I’ll have enough income now, to be able to pay off old debts too.

That brings me to the subject of current income. I am working at entry level, in the general services labor force.  This is where most of the newly created jobs are, mostly because the old entry level, full-time jobs, have been turned into new, entry level, part-time jobs. These jobs pay in the near neighborhood of the current minimum wage of $7.45 an hour, depending on the company, and the state you live in.  These part-time positions do Not come with health benefits; for those, you have to go sign up with your state medicaid office, which, since you make so little money, you will qualify for.

Of course, everyone has heard some of the argument about raising the minimum wage by now.  In the past, I’ve argued with the business people, that it would hurt the ability to increase hiring; however, since there isn’t enough money in a part-time job to pay even half the bills, a person needs at least two jobs (I’ve been known to have as many as four part-time jobs at a time when the wages wouldn’t connect) to make even the most paltry ends meet.  If, on the other hand, the minimum wage were to be raised to say, $15.00 an hour, one might be able to make those same paltry ends meet with only one job, or maybe a job and a half….  thus, how is it going to hurt the workers, if there are fewer jobs? Since they won’t need to work at as many jobs to pay the bills.

I’ll take my chances with fewer jobs under these circumstances.  Raise the Minimum wage;  I dare you!

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