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I know my  next sentence will mostly be repeating what many have already stated before; this is, after all, an ongoing, nationwide, nightmare. Then why do I feel compelled to say any more?  Because my most recent experience only highlighted, again, the additional burden placed on the state medicaid system.  It’s all very well for the federal government to mandate that everybody gets insured for medical coverage, but the manner and method of the coverage they mandated, has created the most costly and inefficient medical coverage any of us have ever seen, or felt.  Lest you get too discouraged about this subject up front, and stop reading; let me just reassure you, dear reader, that I will make a small suggestion that could help alleviate some of the wholly unnecessary burden the state is carrying, once I’ve outlined what happened in the most recent incident.

I recently wrote in one of my other sites , an article called “Fried Eggs” about a stop in the emergency room.  This stop was necessitated, not by a true emergency, but by a combination of ridiculous employer requirement, and a non-working medical card.  My daughter had come down with a summer cold, and her nose was running, and she was sneezing, and when she woke up, unusually, she couldn’t breath well.  A sort of choking sensation was occurring.  Naturally, being a waitress, she called in to work, to say she was ill, and wouldn’t be coming in.  Now, she had come down with this cold a few days before, so she had already been exhibiting the signs of the cold the previous day, and her manager knew this; however, the manager still required my daughter to get a note from the Dr. to prove she was ill, for the company records.

A little history here, about the medical card.  I used to have a full time job, before my required college course schedule began to interfere with getting there on time, and since the company wouldn’t adjust my hours, not even to make them part-time (how unusual), I was forced to choose between the call-center work, and finishing my education.  Being that I really want to finish getting a degree, I chose the education.  Now, I don’t have a full-time job, just a part-time one, and so, no insurance; however, the system was having a hard time getting updated to reflect the new status.  I had been trying for four months to get it updated, but there  was always some new hang-up.

On this particular day,  we tried to go in to the immediate care center, but the card was still not working, so we went down to the local medicaid update center, and tried again.  We were told, that we did indeed have coverage, but that the insurance company system where the main body of the coverage resided, needed to update itself. Under the circumstances, we still couldn’t go to the immediate care center, or the Dr’s. office, as they required the card to be working already.  We were sent to the emergency room for the required visit to the Dr. for the note.  Now, this makes getting that note a very expensive proposition.  An emergency room visit is at least three times, and often five times more expensive than a Dr’s office visit.

Imagine, if you will, how many other people may be going there for similar purposes, as it’s unlikely that we are the only ones who have difficulty with our medical coverage status.  Now understand, this coverage is being provided through both the federal government, and your local state government. They are both paying out a share  for these completely unnecessary visits. They get their money from the taxpaying citizens; from you.  In one recent article, I read that medicaid accounts for 25% of the state budget… I’m not sure which state it was referring to, but any state that is covering all these unnecessary trips to the Dr., and unnecessary emergency  room visits, is bound to be bogged down in an overblown medicaid budget.

Now, maybe you are mad about this expense, and you should be; but at least, in our case, I drove my daughter to the emergency room.  In many cases, the visit is made by ambulance, because it is being used as transportation; not because the trip is for a life threatening emergency, but because the traveler can’t afford a taxi, and has no other means of getting there.  The ambulance ride also gets billed to the state.  This is a really expensive ride to the Dr’s office.  These are all unexpected expenses in the state budget.  The real cost of covering all medical expenses lies not just in the actual medical issue, but in the combination of working, and non-working computer updates, human error of inputs, and availability of other resources.

In my daughter’s case, we did finally get seen, and she got a whole new health designation, due to having developed bronchial spasms, which had never occurred before.  She also got her required note for work, so she can keep her job; low paying though it is, it’s part of what we live on.  As I’m sure everyone already knows, part-time work doesn’t have required medical coverage for the employees, not that we could afford it if it did.

This is where I make my suggestion for cost savings to the state.  I know, I’m about to suggest that another government requirement be met by businesses, but, under the circumstances, I believe it’s necessary.  Here goes: Any time an employer requires an employee to get a note from the Dr’s., in order to prove an illness, or an injury exists, the employer should foot the bill.  I’m sure they could make an arrangement with a local immediate care to do this service, at a reasonable cost to all, in the same way that many employers arrange for lab work for drug tests.  Seriously, if a company can’t trust its employees to tell the truth about being ill when they call in, they have other issues that shouldn’t be burdening the taxpayers.

As for the transportation issue; the state should arrange with local cab companies, or with the ride sharing services, to allow them to bill the state for rides to the Dr.’s office, or immediate care centers, or even to the emergency room, where it isn’t a life or death ride, to save the cost of unnecessary ambulance services being billed to the state.  I’m fairly certain, that even if there were some billing done that wasn’t legitimate, it would still save the state money over the present system. And since there are GPS trackers in some of the cabs, the state could even cross check on the locations, and patient information being billed, to help keep companies, and rides legitimate.




Election years are all about making a choice. Choosing a direction that you feel our government should be going in. Sometimes those choices are easy.  Sometimes, not so much….   This election cycle we are handed the ‘not so much’ set of choices.

Rhetoric is thick out there. Like swimming in nine day old porridge. Sifting through the first up links on the internet is all about spin. And television media??? ….  Wow!!! You are bombarded with other people’s interpretations of what just happened.  The slant is the thing… depending on who is doing the writing, and what they want you to believe.

For myself, I find that what is most valuable, is to hear the actual speeches, in full.  I have a brain. I’m perfectly capable of determining, for myself, what I see, and hear, and how I feel about it.  I have history to go by, and experience.  I can sift through the bombast, and the promises, and see where a stated course will take things. I can anticipate how the whine of a sentence will influence others, and how that will affect my life, and yours. I’m not so easily influenced by flattery… not anymore.  I’ve seen where that course takes you also.  It’s never good; whether individually, or nationally followed.  Flattery is always used by con artists to lull you into a false confidence, while they take everything you have.

I used to make the mistake of believing that if I didn’t have very much, a con artist wouldn’t be interested in what I had.  I was wrong. What ever you have, someone else is always interested in taking, if you don’t guard it well.

In this election season, as in all of them, we must look to what we have, and guard it well.  Who is trying to take something, and what are they telling us?  Are they  using flattery to keep us calm?  Or giving us false confidence?  What is the aim?  What do they want, that we have?  In their ability to get things done, do they have Our best interests at heart? or theirs?

Remember that any governments first job is to protect it’s citizens from foreign takeovers. That’s what the military is for.  Its second job is to protect the citizens from corruption.  That’s what laws are for.

The rest is deal making.  Deals can hurt us, or help us.  Who will do the job in a way that most benefits the whole country, or our state? or our local communities, for those elections in your local area.

Don’t let the side notes take your mind off the end result.  Know that you’re not electing family members, that hairstyles, or suit styles don’t determine the outcomes of negotiations, and that celebrities aren’t necessarily smarter than you are.  Decide for yourself.

Remember that character does count…. which often as not, leaves us with few choices, in the end. Since no one is perfect …. whose imperfections appear to be mostly in the past?   Whose recent activities are indicators of trust?  or corruption?   Who would you trust with your life, if push came to shove?

In the end, that’s what this is about; your life.  Protect it. You are valuable. You have something to contribute to the society as a whole. You are a valuable part of the community fabric.  Who will help that fabric to be stronger?  And while you are trying to decide, don’t forget to ask for divine guidance.  Don’t forget to pray.  We need that help, now, as ever.

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Speak Kind to Yourself

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Greater Middle East

Greater Middle East (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Isn’t it interesting how the political beast we feed bites us?

If we were to feed so altruistically and steadily an animal from the wild, they would certainly come to expect us to feed them, and  would probably become dependent on us for the food, but would be far less likely to bite us, as long as we were providing the handouts.

However, on the political front, it frequently turns out that the beast we feed turns and rends us for our troubles.  This isn’t even a new phenomenon.  It’s quite old in the repeating patterns of ask, take, demand, take, and then the taker finally destroys the giver.

Perhaps the taker sees the giver as weak, because they are willing to give.  Or when the demands for more sustenance exceed the ability of the giver to provide, the taker, having gotten fat on what they had been provided, and having weakened the giver by having taken so much, sees an opportunity to take the rest, and damn the future.

Whatever the reason, the patterns are there.  As recently as World War I there were angry plotters, who, having been fed and taken as much as could be given, thought to send a further message of revolt to those they felt should stand with them, and shot and killed the son of The Archduke of Ferdinand, thus starting the chain of events that led to WWI.

The son of The Archduke had been one to try always to help those less fortunate.  How ironic that he should be the one targeted.  Or perhaps it was because he had been to the areas where the help was needed, that he was recognizeable to the plotters of his eventual death.  They cared nothing for his altruism, his heart, his intents. Only that he was a political target that would gain them notoriety.

Here we are again, watching the same type of behavior.  President Obama, having held out the hand of friendship and sent financial aid to those who asked, is now seeing his hand come back a bloody stump, the image of one of his Ambassadors, having been beaten and killed, being dragged through their streets, stamped indelibly in the hearts and minds of all of his constituents.  And to make it worse, the Ambassador was one to always want to help those in whose county he resided.

What to do, what to do?  Their betrayal must sting mightily.  It certainly does to the Ambassadors family.

And thus we see that the old English saying about Not paying the Dane geld is still relevant today.  Not the Danes who are asking and demanding now, but the Middle East, and Near Asia, and Africa who constantly tell us to go away and yet demand that we send them aid at the same time.  According to them, we owe them because we have been “Stealing” their oil.

This stealing is defined as, we don’t pay them enough for the oil we take out of their ground.  Our (foreign) companies provided the equipment and the expertise, and their people benefit by enjoying the economic benefit of the increased infrastructure, which the companies built, and the increased income from the purchase of the oil fields, and the increased income from the pay given to the workers; all of which has made it possible for the unhappy wretches to arm themselves and turn and rend their benefactors.

Never mind that it is their own government peoples who have made policies that restrict the proper development of their people.  Never mind that it is their people who have been corrupt and deceitful and withheld that which would have most benefited others around them.  No, They must always see the foreign element as the real reason for their dissatisfaction with life.  And that foreign element just happens all too frequently to be the U.S.A.

Why?  Because we’re bigger and appear to be strong enough to take the hit and keep on giving; and mostly because it redirects the energy of the base of people they want to control away from their own evil activities, and toward those who are two far away to be able to effect the political climate.

We can inject some cash into an economy, but ultimately, we can’t decide it’s course.  It might be wise to observe another old maxim here.  By their acts ye shall know them.  Perhaps, if we stood back a bit, and observed the overall history of the region,  going back several centuries, we might get a clue as to why we shouldn’t bother with them.  They have a long standing tradition of  destroying that which they have been given charge of.  Perhaps, it isn’t just an individual problem, but one of culture and heritage.

The choices now are fewer.  We can bring everyone home and Hope that they stay on their side of the pond (that didn’t work before) or we can take a more assertive stance and demand concessions for the aid and the commerce they get.  We can back these demands up by building new oil refineries here, by opening up the availability of oil fields here, by increasing our own output of fossil fuels and other fuel sources here.  We can let them know that we do not need them.

Will they still want to dance?

Let’s see how the chips fall out then.




Colorado River Abstract


Before I get started I would like to express my most sincere regards and condolences to the survivors of the recent Colorado Theater Massacre, and to the families of the deceased.  How horrible for you all.   How horrible for us all, for we are your neighbors and friends, and compatriots.  Your loss may not affect us as deeply as it does you, but your loss affects us too.  We are moved at your sorrows.

In the midst of all this sorrow, we see again a renewed push to remove our right to bear arms; for this is what has been blamed for the atrocity that was just perpetuated.  It seems as if those who would dis-arm us all, remove from us the ability to protect ourselves, sit and wait for just such actions as this madman has conducted, to pounce and blame and point fingers at the weapon used, and not at the attitude of the man behind them.

If we let this illogic stand, then once this weapon has been removed from the scene the next time someone concocts some mass murder with some other device, perhaps instead of going after the device, the government would go after those who have the same type of education, or the same IQ, or the same type of job as the murderer.  You could, after all, argue Just as effectively and illogically that the person who commits this crime does so because they have been taught how, or because they have the requisite amount of intelligence to pull it off, or because they are unhappy in that particular line of work.

It is not the availability of weapons that cause people to kill.  It is their attitude,  their lack of empathy for their fellow human beings, or their disregard for the well-being of others that allows them to commit murder.  Their enormous egos and a distinct lack of compassion.  It is selfishness that is at the root.  Not guns.

How, dear government, are you going to legislate that out of people?

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English: Tornado Fries
English: Tornado Fries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

      I know that we can get what we need nutritionally from our foods, but sometimes when we look at all the things the “Health” industry has been telling us about what to eat and what Not to eat, it Seems like there has been a Conscious effort to limit our use of the foods that provide iodine, which is essential for the proper function of the thyroid gland (whew- talk about a run on sentence).

      Some will say, how can you say that?  Dr’s and Drug companies are all about helping us feel better.  Yes. I would agree with that statement. They are all about helping us “Feel” better, but not necessarily about helping us to actually be healthy.  Nutritionists have been totally sidelined by the American Medical Association. You are Not encouraged to eat what is actually good for you.  If you did, the Dr’s would be largely out of business.

     Let’s look at a short list of things we are not supposed to eat due to some possible link to something unhealthy.  Fats from red meat (possible link to an increased risk of heart disease), eggs, butter, fat from milk (possibly leads to an increased risk of extra weight), salt (retains water and possibly increases blood pressure), potatoes (fried), cheese (high in sodium), fish (possible risk of mercury contamination), baked beans (supposedly too much sugar), and the list goes on.

So how does this stack up to a conspiracy to limit our iodine intake?  To answer that, let’s look at a list of foods that are natural sources of iodine and compare the two lists. Eggs, whole milk (with the fat IN) yogurt, butter, cheese (especially mozzarella)  potatoes, Navy Beans (that’s what  baked beans are made with),   fish, shellfish, Himalayan salt, iodized table salt, strawberries, cranberries, and all the edible seaweeds. In addition, it is well known that iodine deficiency is caused by an inadequate diet.

If that’s not enough to alarm you, let’s look at other things that interfere with the proper use of the iodine you Do get.  And I’ll Quote another author  

         “Two groups of substances found in food – isoflavones, most commonly found in soy foods, and thiocyanates, most commonly produced in the body from glucosinolates found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli – have been shown to interfere with iodine utilization by the thyroid gland, but only under very specific circumstances. These circumstances involve simultaneous dietary deficiency of iodine or selenium (or both) and imbalanced overall dietary intake. We’re not aware of any evidence showing problems with iodine metabolism by the thyroid gland when either soy foods or cruciferous vegetables are eaten in moderate amounts in an overall balanced diet that also contains appropriate amounts of iodine and selenium. “

Soy foods and broccoli have both had a huge surge in use as food sources in this country in the last couple of decades.   Our non-dairy coffee creamers are soy based and mock crab is soy based, and many fillers added to meats are soy based, as are many vegetarian meat substitutes.  In China, where soy foods have been a large part of the diet for centuries, they Also have a larger percentage of  sea food and sea weed foods and brown rice which help to balance the effects of their soy intake.

      Let’s look at some other vitamins and minerals that would be beneficial to your overall health through their support of the proper uptake of iodine and it’s proper interaction with the other glands.  Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, all the B vitamins, and Salt.  

Iodine deficiency induced hypothyoridism

Iodine deficiency induced hypothyoridism (Photo credit: Wen-Yan King)


Selenium is necessary for the uptake of iodine into the system as is the naturally occurring cortisol in your body.   Vitamin D, which is naturally supplied by the exposure of your skin to the suns rays is essential.  Magnesium is also necessary as a pre-cursor to the proper functioning of all your glands.  Brown rice is a natural source of selenium, and magnesium, but how often do we see that in our daily menus?  White rice has none of that in it.   Salt supports your adrenals, among other things, so that is necessary to your overall health too. 

Foods that help us are discouraged or difficult to find.  The many foods we’ve been told to avoid, because they might harm us, in fact could have been doing us a lot of good, instead.  Let’s look at how that would have worked out.

     If you had been eating all the discouraged foods all along, and had the encouragement and availability of foods that supply the necessary uptake nutrients, you might have had enough iodine in your system to keep your overall body temperature up to the normal level.  Why is this important?  Because when your overall body temperature (not just your head) is at 98.2 (the correct temperature for your body as taken under the armpit) the fats in your system are all liquified and will not build up in your arteries and you won’t have arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

     Additionally, with the proper levels of iodine in your system, the thyroids proper interaction with both the pancreas and the pituitary gland will keep both of those in better shape, thus reducing, if not eliminating altogether, the incidence of Hypo and Hyperglycemia (diabetes).  Also eliminating much of depression and anxiety symptoms.  When all these glands function normally, the stresses of life are easier to handle.

       Unfortunately, we have been led to believe as a society, through vast amounts of money spent on advertising,


Health (Photo credit: 401K 2012)

and through articles written by pharmaceutical companies (which stand to gain by our acceptance of their word on the effectiveness of their drugs) that we shouldn’t eat the very things that help us.

     And all this is exacerbated by the acceptance of those articles by scholarly medical journals. We’ve been taught very carefully, that we should look to the pharmaceutical companies to relieve all our suffering.  

       This path leads only to the enrichment of the investors in pharmaceutical stocks and the makers of hospital equipment (dialysis machines, robotic heart surgeries, synthetic thyroid medications, anti-depressants, anti-psychotics).    Having our glands work effectively would reduce the stresses on our bodies, and thus also reduce many of the vast numbers of cancers, and their attendant cancer treatments.   These would all be unnecessary if our bodies had their proper allotment of nutrients in the proper time and form.

     So I am not going to say that there Has been a conspiracy, per se, but the overall effect of our believing things written by those who stand to gain the most from it, has led us all down a very rosy path into a stinking quagmire of unhealthy intentions.  Our politicians, even now, are crafting legislation which adds to the burden of our unhealth.  

The FDA has also played a roll in our overall unhealth, though it is their stated intention to do otherwise.  Recently, a Pennsylvania dairy farmer got arrested for selling Raw Milk, (which is decidedly healthier for us), because people in D.C wanted to purchase his milk.  The Interstate Commerce Department got involved in that one too.

    Perhaps it’s time we let our congressmen and women know how we feel about their ignorance of our health concerns.  Perhaps it’s time that we demand our legislators not allow the various Departments to impose restrictions on the population without the properly informed consent of the population on which they are imposing these restrictions.   Rules that disallow the population to eat what they want when they want it should Not be the purview of the legislative branches. 

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Corinthia Grand Hotel Royale

Corinthia Grand Hotel Royale (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

'Manners Makyth Man': the motto of New College...

'Manners Makyth Man': the motto of New College School, Oxford (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Matte color photochrom postcard, entitled &quo...

Matte color photochrom postcard, entitled "A part of the main lobby, showing office and mezzanine, "The Tutwiler", Birmingham, Ala." Published by Post Card Exchange, Birmingham, Ala. Made in U.S.A. For more information on the hotel, see The Tutwiler's website (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The University of Sydney, established in 1850,...

The University of Sydney, established in 1850, is the oldest university in Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I read with interest a new post on

Physicist Stephen Hawking in Zero Gravity NASA

Physicist Stephen Hawking in Zero Gravity NASA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A still from the video of the Releasing the Jo...
A still from the video of the Releasing the Joint Strategic Plan to Combat Intellectual Property Theft. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Freshly Pressed, “Did I Miss the “don’t plug in your phone” Memo”.

The Roebuck Hotel, Oxford Road, Tilehurst, Rea...

The Roebuck Hotel, Oxford Road, Tilehurst, Reading, seen from across the river, 1904. The footbridge over the railway is visible. 1900-1909 : copy of a postcard entitled "The Roebuck Hotel, Tilehurst (prettiest views on the Thames), Walton Adams Series. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seems that the author has run into problems with hotels and such that don’t want their lobby sockets used for people re-charging their phones, laptops, etc. even when that person is a guest there, without asking first.   Although it may seem excessive to some, the subject brings up several issues.

I don’t know if it’s manners (which have ceased to be taught in most places) as the first consideration or potential theft of property as the main issue.  Of course there may also be some potential for security risk, due to the days we live in….   don’t scoff, that’s how the airplanes flying into the tall buildings happened. Someone scoffed at the idea that not learning to land was a potential problem.
Additionally, I think this has a lot to do with an entitlement attitude.  Never before has any generation thought it was so entitled to anything it wanted, except certain past leaders, perhaps (I don’t think They are supposed to feel so entitled either, but it seems to creep into the role, the longer any position of authority is in place).
It’s understandable that this generation thinks it is entitled, since our good Senators  and other politicians have been telling them they are entitled to this, that, and the other thing in order to get their votes.  The Senators have been doing this for so long that they think they(the Senators) are entitled to everything They want too.

I hate to break it to you people, but no one is actually entitled to Anything.  This life we are experiencing is an adventure of huge proportions, but it doesn’t come with entitlements until we come together and make agreements to mutually accept responsibility for the safety and freedoms of each other.  On the other hand, being born into this life does come with responsibilities.  You are responsible for the decisions you make.  If you treat each other with respect and courtesy, then you Might get some back, though there is no one who can force anyone to give it to you.  No amount of legislation will make a civil society.  People have to want and give that of their own free will.

The question remains then; In a civilized social structure, are there things we should be entitled too?  Perhaps in any civilized country (by that I mean that places which pride themselves on protecting their citizens and keeping things orderly) a citizen who pays their taxes and works to make a positive contribution to their culture, should be entitled to feel some respect from their government; whether that contribution is serving coffee over a counter to lines of impatient customers, or drafting legislation for the next rule to protect the citizens from themselves, it doesn’t matter, they both make a contribution to an orderly and productive society.

Respect from your government should translate into not ransacking your house without having solid evidence to suggest you’re doing something malicious.  It should also mean not accusing you of doing malicious things, without having solid, correctly obtained evidence to back it up.  These are things a citizen should expect from their society.  It is all too easy for someone with a grudge or trying to get away with something to point a finger and make an accusation.  It shouldn’t be so easy to convict someone of something they haven’t in fact done.  An accusation is not proof of a crime.

Another thing a citizen should be entitled too is some legal protections for being allowed to live.  Just to live.  From birth upward, or before even.  Sure a baby doesn’t make a contribution right away, but it’s the future of us all.  We were all babies once too.  As we were cared for, so should we also care for those coming up.  Who, after all, will be there to run the society when we are too old to do it ourselves?   We should have a care that we treat the coming generation with as much respect as we hope to get from them when we are old and frail.

Some would argue that we shouldn’t have the same care for those who are born, or will be born with difficulties that will prevent them from making a constructive contribution to society; who’s care would be a burden for a lifetime, perhaps.   I would point out that if these people had their way, Stephen Hawking, whose contributions in the field of Astronomy and earth science have been huge, would not have been allowed to live, for his care has been tremendously long and costly; however, even without that contribution, I would also argue that there can not be a more significant contribution made then that of testing our societies heart and soul.

If we are truly a civilized society, then the care of those in difficulties is the primary reason for a societies existence.  A strong healthy person can take care of themselves, if need be in the middle of a forest,  or a desert.  Societies are only necessary for the care of the weakest among us; So that should be an entitlement.  That you get to live, even if you are not strong.

Another entitlement should be that you get to build or create things to your benefit, or to societies, as you have the proven ability to do, without need of hiring someone else to do it for you.  If you can pass the tests that prove your knowledge base is broad enough, You should be able to do what you will with a skill on your own property. Guilds, which preclude anyone else from building or creating something unless they are a member of the guild, should Not have entitlement status, and that includes Unions.  You are NOT entitled to prevent others from producing a product which they have designed and built themselves.

You are not entitled to tell someone else what they are allowed to do and not do, as long as it does not harm another person.  These are not entitlements.   A complaint from someone about something you are doing which does not physically or mentally harm a person , because they don’t personally like it, is not enough of a reason to justify making a desist order.  Personal preference should have some entitlement status.

You are not entitled to take things that belong to others, just because they have it and you want it.  If you want something that someone else has, you are allowed to ask, or barter for it.  If you are turned down, you are not allowed to take it anyway.  You are not entitled to have just as much “stuff” as the next person.  If we all had equal incomes, some would use it wisely, and some would use it foolishly, and we would still have different amounts of “stuff”.

I do believe you are entitled to as much respect as the next person for an honest hours labor, regardless of what type of labor is being performed.  An hours labor is the same amount of time out of every persons life, no matter the product being produced or the service being performed.  All honest labor should get the same respect.  I would go so far as to say that all wages should be the same, regardless of the activity being performed.  If piece work could be done across the board than that would be the best way to pay people; but if that’s not possible, then the time put in should be compensated the same.   Some people would manage to save some of their wages and start businesses of their own.  A business Owner is entitled to as much profit as his product is able to generate after paying his workers and his overhead, unless his product is a life necessity, and the business owner is the sole provider,  in the which case it needs to be provided at the lowest possible cost for the better benefit of the whole society.

These next things should be entitlements, to the better benefit of the entire society, but they cost, and these things require taxes to be paid for them:  An Education sufficient that you can best benefit both yourself and society, and repay them for the education you receive.  That should be an entitlement, as a better education repays it’s society in added productivity.  Accessible entrances for public buildings.  All the people within a society should be able to have access to publicly owned buildings.  The right to a fair trial, when an accusation has been lodged and some evidence suggesting that it might be you is presented.

The right to humane treatment at the hands of jailors, while you repay society for any crimes you commit.  I do believe that prisoners should be working to repay society for what was taken, and not just get free housing for a length of time.  A person convicted of a crime after due process is accomplished, is Not entitled to free everything.  Time served should be just that;  time serving your community.  Once they have repaid a debt, then they should be free to go.   The punishment should fit the crime.  That should be an entitlement.

Thinking that just because you breathe that you should also be given everything else necessary to be happy is Not an entitlement.  If you are a capable person, you have an entitlement to repay society for helping you to grow up and become that capable person.  Now you have responsibilities to meet.


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